aglimpse: friends

fun photo challenges fostering friendship and curiosity

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Immerse yourself in a friend’s world though photos


Play a photo-sharing game that allows you to glimpse life’s everyday objects in a different way.


Challenge yourself and friends with personalised photo-based brain teasers.


Create a personal photo story of your life with a friend and peek into their world beyond social media.
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aglimpse: friends

aglimpse: friends is a fun photo-sharing game that lets you break away from everyday life and re-connect with friends in a personal and visually unique way.

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Play in short bursts over days, weeks or months with someone you see every day or a friend who lives far away and discover a new way to interact and be part of each other's life.

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Respond to a challenge by taking a picture of something around you or using a picture from your photo gallery. Create a caption, then choose a new challenge to send back to your friend.
As you continue these private photo exchange challenges, you’ll get a glimpse into your friends’ everyday world, learn more about them, and stay connected.
Keep challenging yourself and your friends by completing games and earning newly themed discovery packs. You’ll never see things the same way again!