How aglimpse: friends Works

One day Wen-Ching received an aglimpse: friends challenge from her friend, Jenn.
She had to take a photo of “something outside beginning with P”.

So Wen-Ching packed up the kids and headed out for the day.

When Wen-Ching and her kids got to the park, she took a photo of her kids playing and gave it the caption “Puddle”.

Since “Puddle” ends in “E”, Wen-Ching’s return challenge for Jenn would begin with “E”.
Wen-Ching decided she wanted to get to know more about Jenn, so she chose the challenge “something that makes you smile beginning with E”.
Miles away, in a different time zone, Jenn rated Wen-Ching’s photo, then got the new challenge as she was heading out.

Jenn made a slight detour to one of her favourite local spots. After much thought, she decided upon “Elegant Houses”.

Jenn loved seeing the kids playing and so she chose another challenge about kids: “Something your kids like to eat beginning with S” (since Jenn’s caption ended in “S”).

As soon as Wen-Ching got the challenge she asked her kids:

“What do you like to eat beginning with S? Maybe… Sausages?”

No response from the kids.

“OK,” said Wen-Ching. “What about Sushi?!”

Big response, definitely a favourite.

So off they went to their favourite sushi train restaurant…