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12 October 2015 | by Jenn Sandercock

If you'd like to come and meet me and play aglimpse: friends live with us, there's lots of opportunities coming up!!!

Here's the schedule so far:

  • IndieCade Official Selection:
    aglimpse: friends is an Official Selection!!!! We'll be in the "Big Games" section of the IndieCade Festival Village. aglimpse: friends is scheduled to play from 3-6pm on Saturday 24th October. Check out our official page for more information.
  • IndieCade Why Hugs Matter talk:
    Jenn (me) will be speaking on a panel called "Why ___ Matters" on Sunday 25th October at 3pm. I'll be speaking about hugs and how that concept influenced the development of aglimpse: friends.
  • GCAP Game Design Challenge:
    For the second year in a row, I'll be moderating the Aussie Game Design Challenge. This year's theme is "Virtual Smell". Five game designers must pitch a game idea to the audience based on the theme and then let the audience vote on the winner. The talk will be on first thing on Wednesday, 28th October at 9:30am.
  • GCAP Crafting the Hugs:
    I'll be giving a full-length talk about how I use "hugs" to motivate myself and how other game developers need to find their inner motivation to help them keep making games in the face of financial and/or critical failure. The talk will be both practical and inspirational. It's on at 3:25pm on Wednesday, 28th October.
  • PAX AUS A Day in the Life of a Game Dev:
    Similar to the panel I ran at PAX Prime, I'll have 6 game developers speak about what they do on a daily basis. Come see us on Friday 30th October at 12pm in the Kookaburra Theatre.
  • MEGADEV 3:
    To finish off the exhausting week of IndieCade, GCAP and PAX AUS, I'll be winding down at the best party, MEGADEV 3. aglimpse: friends is proud to be a bronze sponsor. Come and hang out with all the great Aussie game devs! To attend you must buy tickets.

aglimpse: friends Booth at Seattle Indies Expo 2015

3 September 2015 | by Jenn Sandercock

Last weekend we got to show off aglimpse: friends to the wonderful people who attended the Seattle Indies Expo.

We spent a long time creating a booth that would stand out from others and would reflect the hand-sewn aesthetic found in the game's UI. There was a hand-sewn banner, signs printed on fabric, postcards with custom USPS stamps, brooches and magnets on an old mannequin. For more pictures, see our SIX 2015 booth Pinterest board.

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Over 140 turns were taken as attendees took the tablets around the expo to search for answers to the challenges other attendees left for them. Some of our favourites were "Guy" for something on a wall in a bar; and a pet called "Stabby the Narwhal". Check out all of our favourites on our SIX 2015 challenges Pinterest board.

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Off and Racing!

24 August 2015 | by Jenn Sandercock

aglimpse: friends is off to a great start. People are downloading and discovering the game. Photos are being sent back and forth. You can be part of this too! Just download from

If you're enjoying the game or find bugs or have suggestion or any other sort of feedback, we'd love to hear about it! Email us at: feedback (at)

aglimpse: friends Available Now!

18 August 2015 | by Jenn Sandercock

Inquisiment Studio has announced the launch of aglimpse: friends, a new word challenge game that uses photos to deepen friendships, curiosity, and challenge.

Do more with your friends than just text! aglimpse: friends is a fun multiplayer photo-sharing game that lets you break away from everyday life. Prompted by Inquisi the Cat, you’ll start your journey of reconnecting and discovery by challenging individual friends with letter prompts to capture their everyday life in pictures. Developed by Jenn Sandercock, aglimpse: friends is now available on iTunes App Store and Google Play for free.

Learn more, tease your mind, and re-discover the world around you. Show your friends your city and neighborhood and have your friends do the same! You will never see things in the same way again!

Download from:

We'll be at Seattles Indies Expo!

5 August 2015 | by Jenn Sandercock

The line up for the Seattle Indies Expo 2015 has been announced and we're proud to be part of it!

What's the Seattle Indies Expo? It's a free expo that happens during PAX Prime at a site super close PAX. Now for the good part... It's completely free to attend!

So come along and meet me, play the game, send a postcard to a friend with our newly arrived custom USPS stamps!

There'll be lots of other games and fun to be had. Plus more awesome merch!

aglimpse: friends Will Be Launched Soon!

30 July 2015 | by Jenn Sandercock

It's been a long time coming, but our first game, aglimpse: friends is almost ready to share with the world!!!

We've submitted to the App Store, we're double checking for serious bugs and making sure all will go well for a smooth launch. Part of that is updating the website.

We'll be using this space to announce updates and new content and features for aglimpse: friends. We'll also post about where you can find us in person to talk about the game or other things.

If you'd like to be notified when aglimpse: friends launches, sign up (EDIT: Link does not work anymore).

If you have questions or what to see more content here, feel free to reach out to me.

App versus Imagination

26 January 2014 | by Jenn Sandercock

We’re very excited about the mobile social game we’re developing for everyone to play. So excited, in fact, that we’ve come up with a clever way to playtest it using only MMS! The trick? You need a lot of imagination as well.

So how does it work? Well, the game we’re going to build is a photo based game that has similarities to Draw Something. In Draw Something players take turns to draw an image and guessing the word. In our game players take turns sending photos and giving challenges.

So you may ask: if you can play it right now, why do you need to build an app? Because at the moment the game isn’t very accessible to everyone. We want to build an amazing app that makes it easy for people to share experiences and explore their world.

We’re testing the core game loop for fun at the moment. Then we’re going to build an app around that experience, make it accessible to anyone and make it something you’ll love playing with friends.